Juliane Seyfarth: ” I really hope I can jump well and qualify for the World Championships”

On the occasion of the double Ladies’ World Cup event in Rasnov, on 27-29 January 2017, we talked with Juliane Seyfarth, one of the most prominent figures of this discipline in Germany and also, one of the most experienced ski-jumpers from the German team.


NSJ: So, Juliane, How does it feel to go back into the rhythm of competitions after being outside of this part of life for a little long time?
JS: It feels great because I like to travel, I like to jump on different hills and it’s really nice, and experience life.

NSJ: And what are this season’s highlights for you?
JS: Well, I really hope I can jump well now and qualify for the World Championships in Lahti because I really love that hill and I think I can jump very good there, but for that I need some good results in the World Cup first so I hope it will happen here, and also next weekend.

NSJ: In general, how do you think Ladies’ Ski Jumping changed in Germany, in the past few years?
JS: I think it has a good development, because we have a lot of younger ski jumper girls and they are jumping very well, and yes, I think it’s very good and we will see what comes in the next years.

NSJ: Well, you’ve been doing this since 2011, tell me – are there any differences between jumping with old type of suits and changing to the new ones? Has this affected you in any way?
JS: Yes, it has affected me a lot because I was a flyer type so I really like it when the suit is a little bigger so you can fly well and when it comes to the new rule, in 2013, it was with very tight ones and it was very hard for me. But now I think it’s okay and when I show my good jumps I can be on good places again.

NSJ: So you got used with the new suits.jsinterview2big
Yes, I got used with them.

NSJ: Perfect ! Which hill is your favourite hill, from all over the world?
JS: Oohh that’s tough ! I really like the big ones, like Oberhof – the big one, Oberstdorf and Oslo, I already have jumped in Lillehammer – on the big one and I like it too, but also the hill here in Rasnov is very nice, I got my best World Cup result with 5th place here so, I like it too !

NSJ: Do you have a ski-jumping idol, someone who inspires you?
JS: Yes, it has been Janne Ahonen for very many years !


NSJ: And do you think that Ladies’ World Cup is in anyway unappreciated or underrated and is there anything up for a change? Are there differences between mens’ ski jumping and women’s ski jumping now?
JS: Yes, it is, because we don’t have so many World Cup events and we don’t have that television presence like the men and I wish that it could be better in the future, that we had some more competitions. Anyway, it’s nice as well now and we should be happy with it but I think it will be even more in the next years.

NSJ: And as we are coming closer to the end, is there any message that you would like to send to your fans via Newsskijumping Media?
JS: Yes, I would like to thank you, thanks to all the fans and thanks to my family and friends who support me at the hills. I saw all the nice messages and I really appreciate it !

NSJ: Well this being said, thank you for talking with us and good luck for the rest of the season!
JS: Thank you very much !

Picture: Newsskijumping

Alexander Avram

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