Get to know: Lahti

Finland. Land of a Thousand Lakes. Land of the midnight sun. But also the land of ski jumping with over 100 ski jumping hills and also the land of ski jumping legends. Matti Nykänen is known as the most famous Finnish ski jumper in history. By winning the Olympic Winter Games, the World Championships, the World Cup and the Four Hills Tournament he won the 4 most important events in ski jumping. Besides him, only Espen Bredesen, Thomas Morgenstern, Jens Weißflog and Kamil Stoch succeeded in doing so. When we are talking about Finnish legends we must not forget Toni Nieminen, Jani Soininen and Janne Ahonen who also wrote history when it comes to Finnish history of sports.

After his second comeback in 2013, Ahonen will also participate in the upcoming World Championships in his hometown Lahti.

_full-1Picture: Leevi Vähälä

Lahden kaupunki

The city of Lahti is the capital of the Päijänne Tavastia region and is situated 100 kilometres north-east of Finland’s capital Helsinki. With a population of 118,885 and a total area of 459.43 km² Lahti is the 8th largest city in Finland and it is regarded as one of the main economic hubs of Finland.

Lahti Ski Games – Salpausselän kisat

In 1923 the first Lahti Ski Games, a yearly international winter sport event, took place for the first time. The idea came 1922 from Lauri Pihkala, a Finnish legend who was the inventor of pesäpallo, who wnated to create a competition which is equal tot he Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Norway. Lahti was chosen as location and during three days there are cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined competitions.

Nordic World Championships 2017

With the Nordic World Championships 2017, Lahti became the only city to host them six times. The first Championships took place in 1926, followed by the events in 1938, 1958, 1989 and 2001.

Between the 22.2. and 5.3.2017 more than 700 athletes from 60 different countries will compete in 21 disciplines. What makes the Championships so special is the year of its holding. Giving them to Lahti in 2017 makes them tot he Centenary World Championships in Lahti and to the biggest and most memorable event during Finland’s 100th anniversary. Visitors will get the change to enjoy an unique atmosphere in the breathtaking setting of Salpausselkä.



The Salpausselkä ski jumping hills got their name from the place they are built on: Salpausselkä is an extensive ridge system which was left by the ice age in Southern Finland. The large terminal moraine formation runs from Hanko, more than hundreds of kilometers to the east of Finland. Due to its formation it traps Cental Finland’s extensive river and lake systems which is known as the Finnish Lakeland.

When we are talking about the Salkpausselkä ski jumping hills, we are talking about eight hills, starting from K6, which are built in the area. With a view to the Nordic World Championships we have to talk about the K90 and K116 hills which are widely known for former competitions.

Operator Lahden Hiihtoseura
Opened 1977
Capacity 600,000
K-Point 90
Hill Size 97
Hill Record 103.5 m (Kamil Stoch  2017)
K-Point 116
Hill Size 130
Hill Record

138.0 m (Johann André Forfang no 2017)

Picture: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe

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