SGP Wisla: “We are never enemies, not on the hill and not at all.”

During this year’s FIS Summer Grand Prix in Wisla we had the chance to have a short talk with Daniel Huber and Clemens Aigner from Austria as well as with Norwegian Robert Johansson.


Newsskijumping: It was your first team competition in the FIS Grand Prix. What do you think about your personal and your team performance?

Daniel Huber: I did a good jump especially in the second round. In the first round it was not my best jump. I think we could be on the podium if everybody did their best, it’s obvious. We made small mistakes but we are quite satisfied of this place.

Newsskijumping: Last winter you did really good in Continental Cup. Do you think you could have your own place in the World Cup?

Daniel Huber: Everything is possible. I showed yesterday with the great second round that I’m able to jump and end in the Top 10 and I want to continue on this level.

Newsskijumping: What about competing with your brother Stefan? Does it motivate you?

Daniel Huber: It’s always fun to compete against each other but we are never enemies, not on the hill and not at all. We like it because we can share information with each other and I think it can take us further. It motivates both of us to compete with each other. I always try to be better than him and he tries the same. It just a small competition between us.


Newsskijumping: How is your preparation for the upcoming season going?

Clemens Aigner: I had a long break, I was on holiday. That was really hard at the beginning [to be back on the hill]. Now I’m a little bit struggling with jumping. I came here and I wasn’t in a good shape. The qualification was okay but I hope that it will be better over the season.

Newsskijumping: Do you feel some kind of pressure to maintain a great performance after last season’s Continental Cup?

Clemens Aigner: I don’t think it’s a pressure. I hope I could jump in World Cup and that’s my goal.

Newsskijumping: What about the competition between ski jumpers in the Austrian team? There are many talented athletes and only few have a chance to start in the most important contests.

Clemens Aigner: We are a good team, we have good team spirit so I know that in the team competition the best four of the qualification jumped and I hoped for them to do their best.

Newsskijumping: Gregor Schlierenzauer joined the team for the FIS Grand Prix in Wisła. What do you think about his performance – will he be able to be on top like it has been in the past years?

Clemens Aigner: He is a very inspiring person and we can learn a lot from him. He is on a good way and for sure he will win a lot behind me.


Newsskijumping: Why didn’t Johann Andre Forfang come to Wisła? Will he join the team in Hinterzarten?

Robert Johansson: He had a little problem during training so he decided to stay home. I think the plan is he will be a part of the team for next stop of Summer Grand Prix.
[Author’s note: The announced athletes for the next Summer Grand Prix in Hinterzarten are Joacim Oedegaard Bjoereng, Halvor Egner Granerud, Joachim Hauer, Richard Haukedal, Tom Hilde and Sigurd Nymoen Soeberg.]

Newsskijumping: How do you deal with the strong competition in the Norwegian Team?

Robert Johansson: It’s what makes a good team, to have good athletes who make each other fight every day, trying to get better and in a better shape each year. This is why the Norwegian team keeps fighting. This is why Polish team keeps fighting because more athletes are getting better and it motivates.

Newsskijumping: Are you going to break the world record in ski jumping in the coming season?

Robert Johansson: I’m ready to break this record!

Pictures: Newsskijumping

Magdalena Janeczko

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