SGP Klingenthal: Dawid Kubacki, winner of the qualification


The last qualification of this year’s Summer Grand Prix, traditionally, took place in Klingenthal, Germany. On a rainy evening, Polish athlete Dawid Kubacki (139.5m, 133.5pts) won the qualification. His teammate Jakub Wolny, who showed the longest jump with 142.0 metres followed closely behind (133.2pts). Third became Ryoyu Kobayashi (138.5m, 129.5pts).

Japanese Yukiya Sato, who is leading the overall ranking of the Summer Grand Prix, showed a good jump as well (136.5m) and finished the qualification as fourth (126.5pts).

The winner of the final two Continental Cups in Klingenthal, Domen Prevc, made sure to prove his good performance with the fifth position (134.0m, 126.5pts). While he made it clear to the competition, Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes could not qualify for the competition as 58th. Even though he showed that he likes the hill with two third places at the COC. The older Kobayashi brother Junshiro also was not able to qualify as 62nd.

Best Norwegian became Marius Lindvik as ninth (133.0m, 119.5pts).

The competition shall start on Saturday, 05.10.2019, at 16.00 CET, assumed the weather conditions will be good enough to start.

Picture: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe

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