COC Klingenthal: Clear victory for Domen Prevc


The final of the Continental Cup takes place in Klingenthal, Germany, this weekend. Saturday’s competition was dominated by Slovenian Domen Prevc who clearly won with jumps of 136.0 and 131.5 metres and a total of 261.8 points. He was followed by Polish athlete Klemens Muranka (132.0/129.0m, 248.6pts) and Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes. The Canadian surprised with a good performance and the third place (135.0/131.0m, 248.4pts).

Best Japanese athlete was Yumu Harada as fourth (133.5/129.0, 242.9pts). German Pius Paschke could continue his good jumps from Stams also in Klingenthal and finished on the fifth place (131.5/129.5m, 242.2pts). Stefan Hula as sixth (129.0/129.0m, 241.0pts) could achieve another good result for the Polish team.

Besides Boyd-Clowes, also the young Finn Niko Kytösaho surprised the fans with the seventh position (135.5/126.5pts, 238.5pts) which means also a new personal career’s best for Kytösaho.

Domen’s brother Cene finished the competition as eighth (125.0/133.0m, 237.5pts). Jurij Tepes who started at his first competition this summer completed the Top 10. Tepes showed a strong first jump of 133.0 metres which meant the third place after the first round. A weaker second jump of 123.0 meters was not enough to secure a place on the podium.

Russian Mikhail Nazarov became ninth (130.0/127.5m, 236.0pts).

The whole Finnish team made it to the second round. Antti Aalto finished as 18th, Eetu Nousiainen became 30th.

The last competition for this summer will take place on Sunday at 10 a.m.

Picture: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe

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