COC Men: Taku Takeuchi dominates in Stams

Besides the ladies, Stams is also hosting the Continental Cup competitions for the men this weekend. After not hearing anything about Taku Takeuchi, he returned to Stams and rocked the hill both days.

The return of Taku Takeuchi


54 athletes in Stams offered a variety of good jumps. Luckily none was disqualified. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Taku Takeuchi (JPN) who returned in style and won both rounds with 260 points (111.5/113m) ahead of Pius Paschke (GER, 113.5/111.5m, 247.4pts) and the Polish athlete Stefan Hula (110.5/108m, 245.2pts).

The Norwegian team represented their strength with three athletes in the Top 12 (Haare 5th, Buskum 9th, Aune 12th). The best Slovenian was Rok Justin who finished 6th (108.5/106.5m, 237.5pts), Switzerland had their best athletes Dominik Peter (237.2pts) and Killian Peier (230.1pts) placed 7th and 10th, respectively. Peier’s performance in the training rounds promised a good result but a fall in the first round stopped him from jumping on the podium this day.

Full result

Takeuchi doesn’t cave


As if Saturday wasn’t enough, the 32-year old Japanese decided to claim the winner title on Sunday once again. Taku Takeuchi had no brakes, he confirmed his win with the distance of the day, 115m, in the final round and a total of 254.6 points. The second place belonged to Polish Klemens Muranka (109.0/113.0m, 248.5pts), followed by Pius Paschke (GER, 108.5/111.0m, 241.3pts) on the third place.

Another successful day for Rok Justin as well, the Slovenian placed fourth with 239.1 points (106.5/111.5m), Killian Peier was the best Swiss on the fifth place and consistent jumps with a total of 236.5 points (113.0/113.5m). Clemens Leitner finished 9th as the best Austrian (103.0/108.5m, 227.5pts).

Fortunately another day with no disqualification but Philipp Raimund (GER) did not start.

Full result

Pictures: Carolin Erbe

Dolores Lazić

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