COC Ladies: Austrian and Slovenian victories in Stams

This weekend the COC competitions were taking place in Stams, Austria. The ladies started Saturday and Sunday with their competitions:

The Austrians clearly not letting others take the victory on the first day


With 41 ladies on the start list, we could witness strong performances from the Austrian, French and Slovenian team. Austria and France had two athletes, Slovenia five athletes in the Top 10 which has been quite impressive.

The first round was best for Urša Bogataj (SLO), whose 108.0 metres (125.7pts) were enough to put her on top, followed by Eva Pinkelnig (AUT) with 109.0 metres (124.3pts) on second and fellow teammate Marita Kramer (AUT) with 104.5 metres (119.8pts) on the third place.

In the final round the cards were mixed, but only slightly. This time Eva Pinkelnig jumped on the first place with a total of 253.5 points, Marita Kramer (AUT) was second with 249.7 points, Urša Bogataj (SLO) finished third with 245.2 points. The best French was Josephine Paigner, this time in fifth place (217.5pts), the best Italian was Lara Malsiner who landed on 7th place (207.5pts).

There was also one disqualification, unfortunately for Sarah Hendrickson from the USA.

Full result

Slovenian comeback


If Saturday was claimed by the Austrian, this Sunday surely belonged to the Slovenian team.

Again, the first round was just slightly different than the final one. Eva Pinkelnig (AUT) was first with 109.0 metres (119.2pts), followed by Urša Bogataj (SLO) with 108.5 metres (117.9pts), Marita Kramer (AUT, 110.0 m, 117.4pts) and Ema Klinec (SLO, 109.5m, 116.7pts) in the Top 4.

Funny or not, the fantastic Four have repeated yesterday’s ranking. Better said – the final round was just a reverse image of the first one. This time the first place on the podium belonged to Ema Klinec (SLO) with a total of 242.7 points, Marita Kramer (AUT) stepped on the second place with close 242.2 points, Urša Bogataj (SLO, 236.9pts) followed on third and Eva Pinkelnig (AUT, 235.5pts) in fourth place.

Another day, another chance to witness great jumps from the French Josephine Pagnier (212.9pts, 5th) and Lara Malsiner (ITA, 209.9pts, 6th). Yesterday’s DSQ athlete Sarah Hendrickson (USA) finished ninth (187.3pts).

Unfortunately, there was another disqualification, this time for Josephin Laue (GER).

Full result


While the men are having their final of the Continental Cup next weekend in Klingenthal, the ladies had their last summer competitions in Stams. The young Austrian Marita Kramer won the overall ranking with a total of 360 points in front of Norwegian Gyda Westvold Hansen (222pts) and Czech Karolina Indrackova (194pts).

Pictures: Carolin Erbe

Dolores Lazić

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