Team Austria wins the team event

Today was the team competition day. Trial round started one hour before, at 15.30 CET. There were 10 teams fighting for the podium, only 8 of them making it to the final round. Kamil Stoch was the man of the trial round, with 127.0m the Polish landed on first place. Austrian team did not rest, they were also the strongest in trial with 3 athletes in top 10 (Hayboeck 6th, Kraft 8th and Aschenwald 9th place). The best Swiss was this time Killian Peier (124.0m), Norwegian team was fiercely represented by Halvor Egner Granerud (126.5m).

First round was full of various jumps, however it was not enough for Norwegian and Russian teams to continue their way in the finals. Swiss athletes really stepped up and secured their place with 5th position, Austria leading with 494.2 pts, followed by Germany (469.1 pts) on second and Poland (466.4 pts) on third place. Japan was strongly 4th. Teams qualifying for the final round were also Czech Republic, Slovenia and Finland.

Jumps were more consistent in the second round. With 8 teams left, there was a slight change in top 3. Austrians did not cave but neither did Japanese, securing the spot on the podium. Ryoyu (JPN) delivered again, as well as Stefan Kraft (AUT) and the rest of his team. Let’s not forget the Slovenians, Peter Prevc showed us again what is he made of and along with his teammate Žiga Jelar, the Slovenian team finished 5th, leaving behind the Swiss team on 6th, Czech on 7th and Finnish on 8th place. The close race between team Germany and Austria ended with the win of the Austrian athletes (953.6 pts), which was the first Austrian win after almost 2 years, team Poland finished 4th.

The competition will continue tomorrow, trial round starting at 15.15 CET, competition time is 16.15 CET.


Team positions:

  1. Austria (953.6 pts)
  2. Germany (942.6 pts)
  3. Japan (929.5 pts)
  4. Poland (925.7 pts)
  5. Slovenia (877.3 pts)
  6. Switzerland (831.5 pts)
  7. Czech Republic (818.0 pts)
  8. Finland (724.9 pts)
  9. Norway (378.9 pts)
  10. Russia (213.9 pts)


Photo: Hill Size Magazine


Dolores Lazić


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