COC Sapporo: Aigner – big in Japan


Clemens Aigner took the third and last competition in Sapporo, Japan. The Austrian won all three Continental Cup competitions on the Okurayama Hills.

Aigner showed the best jumps in both rounds with 144.0 and 138.0 metres which owned him a total of 292.7 points. Already more than 30 points behind, Norwegian Robin Pedersen stepped on the second place (139.9/134.5m, 260.1pts).

German Martin Hamann finished again on the third place like he already did in Saturday’s competition. With jumps of 136.0 and 132.0 metres and a total of 255.3 points, the German secured another good result. But not only Hamann achieved another good position, but Slovenian Ziga Jelar also made it to the Top 10 again as fourth (134.5/122.0m, 247.2pts).

Severin Freund who is struggling with his performance after his long injury break had a good last competition in Japan. After his 13th and 20th position on the former days, he finished on the fifth position (129.5/126.0m, 244.6pts).

The best Japanese was Keiichi Sato as sixth. With jumps of 133.0 and 127.0 metres and 244.0 points, the 21-years-old achieved his career’s best result. The Top 10 were completed by Austrian Clemens Leitner as seventh (133.0/125.5m, 241.1pts), Germans Pius Paschke and Felix Hoffmann as eighth (128.0/125.0m, 234.6pts) and tenth (135.0/118.0m, 232.1pts). Yumu Harada of Japan came in as ninth (134.0/121.5m, 233.2pts).

Matthew Soukup had a good weekend in Japan as well, the young Canadian gained points in every competition as 22th, 29th and 30th.

Clemens Aigner is leading the overall ranking with 513 points in front of Robin Pedersen (437pts) and Marius Lindvik (365pts).

The Continental Cup will continue in Planica, Slovenia, on January 26th/27th.

Picture: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe


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