COC Sapporo: Second win for Aigner


Austrian Clemens Aigner has to enjoy his time in Sapporo, Japan: In the second competition of the Continental Cup, he achieved his second win. After being sixth in the first round (126.5m) he managed to climb up to the first step on the podium with his second jump to 133.0 metres and a total of 249.4 points.

Aigner was followed by Czech Tomas Vancura who surprisingly finished as the second (131.0/135.5m, 247.7pts). Martin Hamann, who already had a good result at yesterday’s competition, became third with jumps to 132.0 and 127.0 metres (246.6pts).

Taku Takeuchi was the best athlete from the Japanese team as fourth (133.5/134.0m, 243.1pts). With Yuken Iwasa, another athlete from Japan finished in the Top 10 (129.0/126.5m, 238.6pts)
Slovenian Andraz Pograjc, who returned to the Continental Cup in Bischofshofen, was leading after the first round with the longest jump of the day (138.5m). In the end, he achieved fifth place with 127.0 metres and a total of 142.6 points in the final round. He was followed by his teammate Ziga Jelar as sixth (131.5/128.0m, 240.9pts).

Norwegian Robin Pedersen improved his result from 20th to eighth with his good performance in the second round. 117.0 and 133.0 meters and a total of 237.7 points secured him a spot in the Top 10.

The German team achieved a good team result with Pius Paschke as tenth, Moritz Baer as eleventh. They were followed by Felix Hoffmann on the twelfth position.

Full result

In the overall ranking of the Continental Cup, Clemens Aigner took the first place with 413 points. He’s followed by two Norwegians with Marius Lindvik (365pts) and Robin Pedersen (357pts).

The last competition in Sapporo takes place on Sunday, 2am CET.

Picture: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe


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