Slovenian national championships: Titles to Timi Zajc and Urša Bogataj, fall of Ema Klinec

Slovenian national championships took place today, on Sunday, December 23, 2018. It was marked by a really bad fall of Ema Klinec, who is going to have MRI tomorrow. National champions became Timi Zajc, who defendeds first place from the last year, and Urša Bogataj.

The title of the national champion has, with 142.5 and 132 meters successfully been defended by Timi Zajc. Second place went to Anže Semenič, who jumped and 137 and 129.5 meters. On the third place landed Bor Pavlovčič, with 128.5 and 133.5 meters.


“I am really happy about the win, but I like the fact that I made two great jumps today even more. I defended the title and the next stop is now four hills tournament. It was really a nice day today in Planica, the atmosphere was good, and the hill was really well prepared. We have been training here for the past few days quite a lot, and I think that I have found a good shape before the season continues. – says Timi Zajc.

Peter Prevc did not compete today in Planica due to easy virosis, but he will continue with his preparation for 67th four hills tournament right after Christmas.

Ema Klinec fell badly, title to Urša Bogataj;

On the good way to her new title was also Ema Klinec with 134 meters, who led after the first round, but fell badly in the final one and injured her knee. They drove her to the hospital in Jesenice, but more informations about her injury will be known tomorrow when MRI will be done.

Title went to Urša Bogataj afterwards, who also won her first title as a national champion. She jumped 127 and 127.5 meters. Ema Klinec got the second place, and was behind Urša for only 1.4 points. Third place went to Nika Križnar who jumped 127.5 meters in both rounds.

The best team was SSK Ljubno BTC1.

In the afternoon the team competition started. First place went to SSK Ljubno BTC1 which consisted of Žak Mogel, Matevž Samec, Timi Zajc and Medard Brezovnik. They collected 1003.9 points. On the second place ended SK Triglav1 with 1000.5 points, which have been gathered by Domen Prevc, Nik Fabijan, Nejc Dežman and Žiga Jelar. SSK Ljubno BTC2 – consisting of Jan Bombek, Lovro Vodušek, Jernej Presečnik and Luka Robnik – jumped onto the third place.



Photo: newsskijumping



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