WC Ruka: Kraft the best one in qualification, Ryoyu wins his second competition


The weather in Ruka finally allowed the organizers to do the qualification and competition without any problems. Stefan Kraft won the qualification and Ryoyu Kobayashi won the competition once more.

At first, qualifications took part. The winner was, as mentioned, Stefan Kraft, who jumped 135.5 meters. Nevertheless, he did not jump the furthest, since there was Slovenian Domen Prevc, who landed at 138 meters and ended on second place. The third place in qualification went to Robert Johansson, who landed at 135 meters. Andreas Wellinger got the fourth place, with the jump long 136.5 meters and right after him was Norwegian Johann Andre Forfang, who did, with 135.5 meters, took the fifth place. Kamil Stoch managed to get onto the sixth place with 132.5 meters, ahead of Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes (135m) and Daniel Andre Tande (132.5m). Top 10 in the qualification ended with the 9th place of Stefan Hula (131.5 meters) and Manuel Fettner (134.5 meters).

After qualification, the first round started. Ryoyu Kobayashi continued to show his good performances in Ruka since he led after the first round with the jump long 140 meters. Right after him was German Andreas Wellinger, who landed at 136 meters, and was behind Ryoyu for 9 points. Kamil Stoch (136.5 m) took the third place. He was behind Ryoyu for 9.1 points. On the fourth place landed Stephan Leyhe with 136.5 meters and on the fifth one Domen Prevc who reached the same jump length as Leyhe.

In the final round, Ryoyu did not even give a chance to his rivals. He jumped from the 8th gate and landed on the hill record – 147.5 meters, nevertheless his rivals were jumping from the 10th gate. Final second place went to Andreas Wellinger, who landed at 145.5 meters. He was behind Ryoyu for 22 points. As third finished polish Kamil Stoch with 144 meters. Domen Prevc finished as fourth (142.5 m) and Piotr Zyla ended as fifth (139.5 m). Stephan Leyhe went from the fourth place in the first round, to the final sixth one.

Teams are now travelling to Nizhny Tagil, Russia, where the competitions will take place during 01.12 and 02.12.

Manca Meglič


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