Evgeniy Klimov with the first Russian victory in the World Cup

Evgeniy Klimov won the first victory in the World Cup for Russia today in Wisla. The winner of the Grand Prix 2018 jumped 127.5 and 131.5 meters.  Second place got German Stephan Leyhe, and third Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi.

The first round of the first competition in winter season 2018/19 belonged to Russian Evgeniy Klimov. The winner of the Summer Grand Prix 2018 jumped 127.5 meters and ended as a first one after the first round, with the advantage of the 2 points ahead of Kamil Stoch, who landed at 126.5 meters. As third finished Ryoyu Kobayashi, who was the furthest of them all. He jumped 137.5 meters. The fourth one was young Slovenian, Timi Zajc, with 126 meters, and right behind him was Finnish Antti Aalto who landed at 123 meters.

Nevertheless, some of the jumpers, who are we used to see in the final round as well, did not manage to qualify into it. As an example, Daniel Andre Tande who landed at 113 meters and was 36th, Michael Hayboeck with 116 meters ended on the 32nd place and Gregor Schlierenzauer, who was, with 104.5 meters, 48th.

In the second round, Evgeniy Klimov showed to us that he is in a really good form. With a flight of 130.5 meters, he achieved the first victory in the World Cup in the history of the Russian team. The second place was taken by Stephan Leyhe, who made a good jump in a second round – 130.5 meters, and from the first round’s 6thplace, managed to jump onto the podium. As third ended Ryoyu Kobayashi, who jumped from the one gate lower than the others and landed at 127 meters. Kamil Stoch, who was second after the first round, ended as fourth, and Timi Zajc as fifth, followed by polish Piotr Zyla.

Timi Zajc and Antti Aalto also achieved the personal best result. As written, Zajc ended as fifth, Antti Aalto got the 7th place. The Top 10 was completed by Dawid Kubacki, who was 8th, Karl Geiger with 9th place and Johann Andre Forfang, who ended as 10th.

In the general classification of the World Cup, the first competition is run – obviously – by Evgeniy Klimov (100 points) before Stephan Leyhe (80 points), Ryoyu Kobayashi (60 points) and Kamil Stoch (50 points).

In the general classification of the World cup, the first place is held by Evgeniy Klimov (100 pts), followed by Stephan Leyhe (80 pts) and Ryoyu Kobayashi (60 pts).

Next week, World Cup continues in Finland, Ruka near Kuusamo, with the start of qualification on Friday.


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