Tom Hilde: “I still have much to offer.”


We had to chance to talk to Tom Hilde after he announced the end of his active ski jumping career. Tom told us about his future plans and his best memory connected to ski jumping:

Newsskijumping (NSJ): Is there any chance you would be back to ski jumping in the future?

Tom Hilde (TH): There is no chance I change my decision to end my ski jumper’s career. I’m going to stay in the sports environment and find a job in ski jumping.

NSJ: What is your plan for the nearest future?

TH: I don’t mean working as a coach because I’m not qualified enough for that profession. Anyway, I know much about equipment, suits, technical aspects of ski jumping. I hope it would help me to stay in the sports surrounding I have been present for the last 12 years. I still have much to offer.

NSJ: What is the best memory from your ski jumping career?

TH: It’s hard to tell only one best memory from my whole career. The whole time I spent doing ski jumping was very important for me. With my team, I got the bronze medal during the Olympics in Vancouver, four silver medals of World Championships and one bronze medal at the World Championships in ski flying. I also got the third place in the Four Hills Tournament twice. The fact that I was the part of Norwegian team and I gained so many experiences with them now is amazing for me.

NSJ: What about your favourite ski jumping hill? Is it the one where you ended your career – in Lillehammer?

TH: My favourite hill is the one in Lillehammer. I would have wanted to do my best during my last jump there but I wasn’t in the best shape to do it. Also, the hill in Bischofshofen where I stood on the podium at the Four Hills Tournament was the one I like very much.

Picture: Newsskijumping

Magdalena Janeczko



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