COC Kranj: Double Victory for Muranka


The Continental Cup of this summer started traditionally in Kranj (SLO) with two competitions. 69 athletes from 18 nations competed for the victories on this weekend.

Friday’s competition (07.07.2017) started with a Polish victory by Klemens Muranka with a total of 284.7 points. Muranka won in front of five Slovenians who showed a strong performance at home. Miran Zupancic led the Slovenian superiority as second (282.8 pts), followed by Bor Pavlovcic (281.4 pts). Peter Prevc, who was the only of the Prevc brothers who competed, missed the podium as fourth (281.0 pts). Rok Justin followed his teammate as fifth. When we focus on the Slovenians on top we cannot forget to mention Andraz Pograjc who came back after an injury lay-off with a strong sixth place which he shared with the German Tim Fuchs (272.6 pts).
Cestmir Kozisek became best athlete from the Czech Republic as 8th (268.8 pts) while Joacim Oedegaard Bjoereng took the place as best Norwegian as 9th (267.3 pts). The Top 10 were completed by Tilen Bartol and Yuken Iwasa who shared the 10th position (266.8 pts).

The best of the North American team were Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes as 16th (262.4 pts) and Kevin Bickner as 17th (262.3 pts). The 21st place (259.9 pts) of Philipp Aschenwald had to be quite disappointing fort the Austrian team as their best result.

Saturday’s competition (08.07.2017) started with an early trial round at 8:30 and the following competition led to the same winner as the day before: Klemens Muranka took the clear victory with two jumps of 108.5 metres and 253.6 points. Again he was accompanied by a Slovenian on the podium: Rok Justin took the second place with his 242.3 points.
A big surprise was the second jump of Kevin Bickner from the USA. With 115.0 metres in the second round the American did not only show the longest jump of the competition, which was fun for him, he also climbed up from the 15th to the 3rd position. With 238.0 points he took a place on the podium for the first time in his career.
After a 6th place in Friday’s competition the Germans Constantin Schmid and Felix Hoffmann took the 4th (235.0 pts) and 5th position (234.9 pts.) The Slovenian team also showed a strong performance in Saturday’s competition. After the second round the young Timi Zajc finished as 6th (229.1 pts), Tilen Bartol as 7th (228.2 pts), Miran Zupancic as 8th (227.7 pts) and Bor Pavlovcic as 10th (227.5 pts).
The 18 years old Japanese Yuken Iwasa achieved another Top 10 result as 9th with 227.6 points.

With his two victories in Kranj Klemens Muranka leads the Continental Cup ranking of the summer 2017 with 200 points. Second is Rok Justin (125 pts) and third Miran Zupancic (112 pts). The Continental Cup will continue in Szczyrk on 18.08.2017.

Picture: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe


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