WC PyeongChang: Jan Ziobro wins the qualification


After Sapporo the ski jumping circus travelled to Korea to have the first World Cup on the hills in PyeongChang. At 18:00 LOC the athletes had the chance to test the hill with HS 140 before the qualification started at 20:00 LOC.

While Andreas Wellinger and Richard Freitag didn’t take part in the training, Kamil Stoch (POL) and Stefan Kraft (AUT) showed that they will continue what they started in Japan: Long jumps and the fight for the victory at tomorrow’s competition. Kamil Stoch had the longest jump in both training rounds, jumping 142 m and 138 m (gate 22). Stefan Kraft showed a strong performance with 139 m and 138 m (gate 22).
Sapporo’s winners Kot and Peter Prevc could also cross the 130 metres and especially Peter made sure to remember everyone that he is slowly getting back to his old self, much to the joy of his fans. Daniel Andre Tande (134m/129m) and Michael Hayböck (130.5m/131m) got familiar with the hill and seemed to get along with it quite well.

Legend Noriaki Kasai finished both training rounds as 8th, jumping 130.5 m in both rounds.

The qualification for tomorrow’s competition started with Heung-Chul Choi from Korea. The already 35-years old showed again the problems of the Korean team with young talents. All three athletes who started at today’s qualification are already over 30 years old and it can be doubted that they manage to develope a strong team until the Olympic Winter Games. Sadly for the hosting country, all three athletes weren’t able to qualify for the competition as 41st, 44th and 46th.

Whereas the Korean team is struggling, the Polish team can be more than happy about their results in the World Cup and also in today’s qualification: Jan Ziobro won with a jump of 134.5 metres and 131.1 points while his teammate Dawid Kubacki became third with 130.5 metres and 125.4 points. Stefan Hula could also qualify as 24th while Piotr Zyla (124m), Maciej Kot (134m) and Kamil Stoch (132m) were already prequalified.

The second place in the qualification went to Anze Lanisek whose form seems to be improving which was also proven by his jump of 131.5 metres. Andreas Stjernen became fourth (127.5m/122.5pts), only 0.8 points in front of Noriaki Kasai (128m/121.7pts) who really seems to like the hill in PyeongChang.

Michael Glasder (USA), Gregor Deschwanden (SUI) and Vojtech Stursa (CZE) did not qualify, as well as Heung-Chul Choi (KOR), Aleksandr Bazhenov (RUS), Hyun-Ki Kim (KOR), Seou Choi (KOR), Marat Zhaparov (KAZ), Vladimir Zografsi (BUL) and the young Sergey Tkachenko (KAZ).

Andreas Wellinger and Stefan Kraft did not start at the qualification.

Tomorrow’s competition will take place at 12:00 CET. Don’t forget to turn in!

Picture: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe


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