Get to know: PyeongChang (평창군)

Olympic Winter Games 2018

PyeongChang submitted its application for the Olympic Winter Games for the third time after they were given to Vancouver in 2010 and to Sochi in 2014. PyeongChang which was selected as the host city after it received a majority vote on 7 July 2011 at the 123rd IOC Session. The last Olympic Games in Korea took place in Seoul 1988 so that the athletes will return after 30 years. During 17 days the XXIII Olympic Winter Games will be held in Korea. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies and most snow sports will take place in PyeongChang.

The slogan for those games is Passion.Connected which refers to a world in which everyone is connected with shared passion for winter sports and to a world that is open to any generation to open new horizons in the continued growth of winter sports. explains the passion as a very strong feelig and affection. „PyeongChang is a place of global festivals that inspires each other and symbolises a place where Koreans share their warm affection. It also espresses the Olympic spirit and the warm heartedness of Koreans.“

Furthermore being connected means to link, join, combine, bridge, and understand. „PyeongChang is a place where all generations can participate and inspire each other anytime and anywhere through Korea’s innovative technology and cultural convergense, and it means opening a new horizong for a new beginning, a harmonized world and the Olympics Winter Games.“

In January and February 2017 PyeongChang will host two Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping World Cups as pre-event for the Olympic Winter Games 2018.

Alpensia Jumping Park
Between 2006 and 2009 a huge winter sports complex which is called „Alpensia Resort“ was built.
The Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium (알펜시아 스키점프 경기장)  is located at the Alpensia Resort and the five hills were about 10 million Euros. The ski jumping stadium includes 5 hills: HS 140, HS 109, HS 66, HS 35 and HS 15.


Owner: PyeongChang County
Capacity: 11.000
Opened: 2008
Hill Size: 140
K-Point: 125 m
Hill Record: 139.5 m (Anze Lanisek at / Stephan Leyhe de, 15.02.2017)
Hill Size: 109
K-Point: 98 m
Hill Record: 113.5 m (Stefan Kraftat, 16.02.2017)

Other usage
The grand stand of the stadium is also used by the South Korean football club Gangwon FC for their matches. With the beginning of their season 2017 all of their matches will be hosted by the Alpensia Jumping Park.

PyeongChang (평창군) is located in South Korea and is surrounded by high mountains in the North, West and East while it has a sloping terrain to the South. It includes an area of 1,464.16 km² and has a population of 43,703 (as of 2014).

The city of PyeongChang owns three symbols that represent the city: the flower azalea which blooms in the early spring and which represents diligence and warm-heartedness of the community. Furthermore the fir tree symbolises the simplicity of the people of this region and the mandarin duck which represents the unity of the community.


Carolin Erbe

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