COC Erzurum: Triple Victory for Slovenia


The second and the final competition in Erzurum began at 13:30 CET and was carried out on the smaller of the two hills, with a hill size of 109 meters.

Just like yesterday, the competition was once again won by Slovenia’s Nejc Dežman with the jumps of 98,5 and 105,5 meters and 263,2 points. Second place went to another Slovenian, Jaka Hvala, with the jumps of 98,5 and 106,5 meters and 260,7 points. The leader after the first round, Rok Justin, did not manage to perform as well as the first time around and with the jumps of 102,5 and 99 meters and 256,7 points he placed third.

Team Slovenia continued with great performances this weekend- Miran Zupančič placed fourth, just as yesterday. He was followed by Matjaž Pungertar in eight and Timi Zajc in 11th place.

The best of the Italians was once again Sebastian Colloredo. Albeit his performance was not as strong as the preceding day, he still placed fifth. His compatriots, Federico Cecon and Roberto Dellasega were 16th and 23rd respectively.

Compared to yesterday’s competition, the Finnish performed exceptionally well today as all three of their jumpers were in the top 10. The best of them all was the experienced Lauri Asikainen in sixth place. Right behind him, in seventh place, was Antti Aalto, followed by Janne Korhonen in tenth place.

Russia’s best was just as yesterday, Egor Usachev in ninth place. Nikita Sykchin and Artem Utev were 19th and 27th respectively.

Turkey’s Fatih Arda Ipcioglu was one again their best man in the competition, finishing in 12th place, the result he also achieved the previous day. The rest of the team followed behind in 15th, 17th, 25th, 26th and 28th place.

The two Estonians, Artti Aigro and Kevin Maltsev both had a repeat of yesterday’s results as they both ended up in 13th and 24th place.

The lone Frenchman, Thomas Roch Dupland was once again in the top 15 and he ended the competition in 13th place together with Estonia’s Aigro.

Team Kazakhstan’s jumpers, Nikolay Karpenko and Alexey Korolev did not exactly improve on their performances from yesterday, but they both ended up in respectable 18th and 20th places.

The only Ukranian, Vitaliy Kalinichenko and the American Nicholas Mattoon, who did not build on yesterday’s result, ended the weekend in 21st and 22nd place.

After 18 competitions, Miran Zupančič is still in the lead with 595 points. Following him closely behind is his compatriot Nejc Dežman with 556 points. Due to his absence as he is competing in the World Cup, Clemens Aigner is now third with 521 points. The Continental Cup now moves to Brotterode where two competitions will take place during the following weekend.

photo: Nejc Dežman’s instagram

Lara Kolar


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