COC Engelberg: Victory for Austria


Norwegians dominate the trial round

Today’s last Continental Cup competition in 2016 started with the trial round at 12:00 CET where the Norwegian team showed again that they will jump for the victory. The first four places in this round went to the Norwegians: Johann André Forfang became first with the longest jump of the round of 139.5 metres. Sigurd Nymoen Soeberg (136.5 m), Joakim Aune (137.0 m) and Halvor Egner Granerud (136.0 m) followed him. It was not a big surprise that the 5th and 6th position went to the Slovenians Aljaz Osterc (137.5 m) and Miran Zupancic (137.0 m) while Sebastian Colloredo could land on the 7th place with 133.5 metres right in front of another Slovenian as 8th. Bor Pavlocic jumped 130.5 metres in the trial round.
After the last weekends we cannot say that we are surprised that Antti Aalto (FIN) could jump again in the Top 10 with 134.5 metres. Best Swiss athlete in the trial round was Luca Egloff on the 11th place.

Another victory for the Norwegian team?

The result of the first round looked like we expected it to be after yesterday’s competition and today’s trial round. Two Norwegians were on top after their first jump: Yesterday’s winner Granerud could take the first place with 141 metres, which was the longest jump of this round. With 144.5 points total he was in front of his teammate Joakim Aune (138m/142pts), who was 3.5 points behind. Daniel Huber from Austria showed a strong jump of 139 metres in the first round which meant the third position behind the Norwegians. With 140.2 points he already had a 3.7 points advantage in front of Sebastian Colloredo (ITA) on the fourth place (136.5 pts).
The Slovenians Osterc and Zupancic came in as 5th and 8th after the first round which proved again that the Slovenian team can jump in the Top 10 even though Cene Prevc, Rok Justin and Anze Semenic were not starting because they earned their places at the Four Hills Tournament.
Also Clemens Aigner (AUT) could finish the first round in the Top 10 as 6th, followed by Johann Andre Forfang while Antti Aalto showed a jump of 133.5 metres which was good enough for the 9th position after the first round.
Joachim Hauer (NOR) and Andreas Wank (GER) who we know really good from the World Cup already were also starting at the COC competitions in Engelberg. They finished today’s first round as 11th (130m/129.0pts) and 12th (129.5m/125.5pts)

Bor Pavlocic got disqualified in the first round.

Daniel Huber strong in the second round

The second round started at 13:10 CET in sunny Switzerland. After yesterday we were prepared for another Norwegian victory but Daniel Huber had something else in mind: With a jump of 133.5 metres despite tailwind he earned the victory at today’s competition in Engelberg with 280.3 points. This is also Huber’s first victory in the Continental Cup.
Joakim Aune and Halvor Egner Granerud also showed some good jumps with 131.0 respectively 132.5 metres but that was not enough to beat Huber today. Aune finished the competition on the 3rd position (275.3 pts) while Granerud became 4th (273.6 pts). Aljaz Osterc used his chance to climb on the podium with a jump of 133.0 metres and finally he ended today with 276.2 points on the podium behind Huber.

While Huber and Osterc could climb up, the Italian Colloredo fell back in the second round with a weaker jump of 128.0 metres to the final 8th position. Also Zupancic lost one place in the final round, finishing as 9th at the end of the competition.

Johann André Forfang (271.0 pts) could finish as 5th with his second jump of 131.5 metres and also the young Finn Aalto had another good result today. His final jump of 133.5 metres meant the 6th position overall for him with 265.9 points.


Overall Ranking: Cene Prevc leading

In the overall ranking of the Continental Cup 2016/17 Cene Prevc remains on the first position with 280 points while Daniel Huber is now 2nd with 265 points. He is followed by Halvor Egner Granerud with 248 points.

The Continental Cup will continue after the Four Hills Tournament on 7th and 8th of January in Neustadt (GER).

Picture: Ski Jumping Team Finland

Carolin Erbe




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