COC Klingenthal: Eisenbichler takes the overall win


Eisenbichler dominates again

This year’s summer season of the Continental Cup ended traditionally with two competitions in Klingenthal, Germany.

Markus Eisenbichler (GER) who dominated the last competitions showed again an outstanding performance on Friday, September 30th. While he was skipping the first training round he showed that he was the favorite for the victory in the second training where he took the first position after a jump of 138 m. Also his teammate Stephan Leyhe, Slovenian hero Jurij Tepes, Halvor Egner Granerud from Norway and the Canadian Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes made sure that they have some say when it came to the Top 10.

With a jump of 138 m in the first round Eisenbichler took the lead in front of Leyhe. Jakub Janda (CZE) came in as third.
Rok Justin (SLO) who was the only one who could fight Eisenbichler for the overall win of the ranking of this year’s summer CoC ended the first round on position 17.

The final round in cloudy Klingenthal started at 17:35 local time and there was no further surprise. Markus Eisenbichler won the competition with the day’s longest jump of 140.5 m and a total of 280.1 points. Already 30.8 points behind Eisenbichler the second place stayed with Leyhe who showed jumps of 137.5 m and 127.4 m (249.3 pts). Janda who was third after the first round was only 24th in the second which meant the 9th position at the end.

The third place went to Jan Ziobro from Poland (247.2 pts) who could climb up to the podium after being 4th after his first jump.

Best Austrian was Elias Tollinger on the 4th position (133 / 130 m, 247.0 pts) while Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes confirmed his good form as 5th with jumps of 130 and 132 m.
Jurij Tepes who was the winner of the first training round endet the competition on a strong 6th place. The 7th position went to Vincent Descombes Sevoie (FRA) who always enjoys to come back to Klingenthal.

Halvor Egner Granerud finished as 8th and was therefore best Norwegian on this competition day. With Florian Altenburger on the 10th position another Austrian made it to the Top 10.

The Italian team who showed a strong performance in Wisla last week had results in the Top 30: 11th (Bresadola), 15th (Colloredo) and 22nd (Insam).

Rok Justin fell back to the 25th position in the second round so that Eisenbichler won the overall title of the Continental Cup of the summer season 2016 already on the second last competition. After the first competition in Klingenthal he leads with 618 points in front of Rok Justin with 417 points.


Slovenian hero Jurij Tepes takes the win

On Sunday morning, October 1st the final competition of the Continental Cup summer season 2016 took place.
Markus Eisenbichler already said after his victory on Friday that he will not compete to prepare himself for the final of the Summer Grand Prix one day later which meant a new chance for all other athletes to take the win of this last competition.

Robert Johansson (NOR) was able to take the lead after the first round in front of his teammate Joacim Oedegaar Bjoereng. Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes finished on the 3rd position and impressed again with his good performance.

In the final round Jurij Tepes showed the day’s longest jump of 141.5 m and made it impossible for the remaining athletes to beat him. With a jump of 128 m and the fifth position in the first round he won the competition with a total of 259.6 points. This was the first victory in the COC for the 27-year-old who already won two World Cup competitions. Johansson who was the leader before the final round came in on the 6th place in the end.

Bjoereng could secure his second place with a jump of 135 m, 0.2 points behind Tepes.
Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes who was third after the first round fell back with a jump of 129 m and ended the competition on the 7th position (245.1 pts). The final third place went to Jan Ziobro who could improve with a strong jump of 139 m in the second round and 254.1 points from the 14th position to the podium.

Yesterday’s second Stephan Leyhe finished the competition as 4th and as the best German.

Will Rhoads (USA) took the 5th place in Klingenthal. This was his third competition after he had to take a break from ski jumping due to an injury. We hope he can keep his strong shape and start with it into the winter season.

The 8th position went to Aleksander Zniszczol (POL) while Jan Matura was the best Czech athlete on the 9th place. The Russian Alexey Romashov showed good jumps this weekend which meant the 10th position for him on Saturday’s competition.


As already mentioned won Markus Eisenbichler the overall title of the Continental Cup in the summer 2016. He earned 618 points while Jan Ziobro and Rok Justin fighted over the second and third place. With his good results in Klingenthal Jan Ziobro managed to end the summer as 2nd with 438 points. Rok Justin followed as third with an overall of 430 points.

The winter season 2016/17 of the Continental Cup will start in Lillehammer on December 9th.

Pictures: Newsskijumping

Carolin Erbe


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